EHR - A Life Saver (Susan & Bill)

Susan is 54 years old. Her husband, Bill, is 58 years old. Susan is diabetic. She has successfully managed her diabetes for years. Recently, Susan was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. She immediately started her cancer treatment. During this stressful period, managing her appointments, treatments, medications, etc. became chaotic. Since Susan starts taking several new medications, she is worried about drug interactions, adding more stress to her already stressful life.

Bill checked Susan's EHR data, making sure all of her treatments, medications, lab results, etc. were up to date. Given Susan's up to date EHR data, doctors were able to prescribe the right medications and avoid a potentially lethal drug interaction.

Bill and Susan's efforts in keeping her EHR up to date gave them peace of mind and confidence that Susan was receiving the right treatment.

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